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Denver Summers: Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Colin Whitenack
Jun 24 1 minutes read

As the Mile High City graces us with its perfect summer climate, extending your home into the outdoors by enhancing your backyard can redefine your summer. Envision firing up the grill for a family barbecue, laughing with friends as the Denver skyline twinkles at dusk, finding peace under a sky full of stars, or enjoying a serene solo retreat—all from your personalized outdoor space. Not only does this invite joy into your day-to-day, but it significantly boosts your property's market value in the thriving Denver Metro real estate scene.

Here are six tailored ideas to make your outdoor entertainment space the envy of your Denver neighborhood this summer.

1. Craft a Cozy Mile-High Lounge

In Denver, where urban chic meets Colorado rugged, crafting an outdoor lounge that reflects this unique vibe is effortless. Begin with all-weather seating that combines comfort and style—think broad, plush chairs and a sectional that invites the mountains into your gathering. Weather-resistant materials are a must, given Denver's sudden summer showers. Accentuate with vibrant throw pillows and warm blankets for those cooler evenings the Rockies are known for.

A centrally placed fire pit not only creates a gathering spot during those crisp Denver nights but also adds an element of Rocky Mountain campfire charm. Illuminate your space with soft, ambient lighting—solar-powered to tap into Colorado's sunny days—are not just practical but magical. A chic side table or rustic bar cart completes the setting, keeping refreshments within arm's reach as you soak in the Colorado stars.

2. Alfresco Dining, Denver Style

With Denver's picturesque backdrop, dining outdoors elevates any meal to an event. Choose a dining set that complements the natural beauty and spacious skies of Colorado, accommodating your guest list with ease. Protecting your friends and family from the high-altitude sun is crucial—opt for a stylish pergola or a UV-protective umbrella. Adorning your space with lights or native Colorado plants can add a local flair, while an outdoor rug ties your dining area together, merging indoor comfort with the great outdoors.

3. The Ultimate Colorado Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

For the culinary aficionado, a Denver-inspired outdoor kitchen raises the bar on entertainment. Start with a powerful grill to handle everything from bison burgers to veggie skewers. Include a prep station and consider Colorado essentials like a smoker or a pizza oven to echo Denver's diverse food scene. Integrating a bar area with locally sourced materials offers a nod to Denver's craft brewery and distillery culture, keeping conversations flowing and glasses filled.

4. Backyard Movie Nights Under the Denver Sky

Transform your backyard into Denver's premier private cinema with an outdoor theater. A high-definition projector and a large screen bring Hollywood to the Rockies, with bean bags and lounge chairs providing front-row comfort. String fairy lights or hang lanterns to blend with Denver's night sky, creating a cozy atmosphere. A popcorn bar adds a nostalgic touch, ensuring your outdoor cinema is a hit whether for kids' animations or blockbuster movies.

5. Relax with Water Features

Incorporating water features can introduce a tranquil element to your Denver outdoor oasis. Whether it's a burbling fountain mimicking a mountain stream or a sleek hot tub for cool Colorado evenings, water features provide both a visual and auditory retreat. Ideal for unwinding after a day of hiking or biking Denver's countless trails, surrounding your water feature with native plants and stones can enhance the serene, natural feel.

6. Denver-centric Garden Games

Convert your yard into a playground for all ages with games that resonate with Denver's active lifestyle. Classic lawn games, like cornhole or bocce ball, are perfect for gatherings, echoing Denver's communal and competitive spirit. For those with a bit more space, why not install a putting green to improve your golf game right at home, reflecting Denver's love for the sport? And for children, a play area inspired by Colorado's adventure parks—with a sandbox, swings, or even a mini climbing wall—ensures hours of entertainment.

Final Denver Touches

Pulling it all together, the devil is in the details. Opt for planters filled with native Colorado flowers or herbs to add a natural pop of color and a subtle nod to Denver's locale. Choose outdoor textiles in earth tones or vibrant patterns to mirror the diverse Colorado landscape. High-quality outdoor speakers can play tunes that embrace Denver's eclectic music scene, while solar-powered lights illuminate paths, ensuring your outdoor space is as functional as it is beautiful.

By integrating these Denver-inspired ideas into your outdoor area, you can fashion a space that not only elevates your summer entertaining but also enhances your daily living, taps into the local Denver vibe, and creates a plethora of memories for seasons to come. Enjoy your outdoor transformation, and here’s to many splendid Denver summers ahead.

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